What We Do

We provide consulting services to national and international institutions of the private and public sector to successfully implement their development plans in a dynamic era. We also work closely with social sector and government organizations on issues related to the environment and sustainable development. We work end-to-end—from diagnosis to delivery—driving systematic change and lasting value for our clients.

Business Procurement

We help organizations identify their weaknesses and challenges and formulate appropriate strategies that facilitate expansion and long-term value from customers, markets, and relationships. We assist in Conducting Market Entry Assessment, Benchmarking, Due Diligence, Work Measurement and Cost Estimation, Bidding and Tendering, Negotiations, and International Liaisoning Services to capitalize on opportunities. We also provide access to new markets that may be difficult to access alone

Engineering Construction and Management of Projects

Our EPC solutions include overseeing every project end-to-end, right from conception to its commissioning. Drawing on extensive experience with implementing global projects, we provide consultancy and engineering support services for field surveys, feasibility studies, design engineering, construction planning and execution, and performance monitoring. We also assist in vendor coordination, work measurement and billing, and defect liability management.

Business Diversification

As businesses expand in a digitized global economy, a foreign market represents a limitless growth opportunity as well as potential gaps in products and services. We can help you determine the right personalized path to expand your business, especially in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and CIS countries, with on-the-ground support to seize new opportunities, or simply to survive in difficult trading conditions.

Networking and Partnerships

Organizations are moving beyond traditional industry silos and coalescing into richly networked ecosystems. We provide avenues to forge and nurture effective partnerships with the right ecosystem players, including government bodies, multilateral, and bilateral agencies, civil society organizations, media houses, academic institutions, and complimentary private companies, and collaboratively respond to new business challenges and opportunities.

Training and Capacity Building

Organizations now compete globally for scarce technical and professional skills. We provide targeted services to build and maintain organizational capacity in respect of people, processes, and technology resources. We facilitate technical and soft skill training for employees, including operations and maintenance training of project personnel onsite. We also help source cutting-edge technology from countries like Israel, South Korea, Japan, and the US.

Legal Advisory

The political, legal, and regulatory environment can be very influential in the way you carry out business activities. We provide strategic legal counsel to expand or establish business in new territories. We also offer a range of services to handle time-consuming and complex legal issues such as arbitration, insolvency evaluation, claims review and settlement, dispute resolution, drafting and vetting of contracts, tender/bid documents, MOUs, and joint venture agreements.

Financial Management

Most new projects and programmes involve investment of funds, for which estimates must be made very carefully. We help with preparation, review and monitoring of project budgets including project cost and effort estimation, procurement plan, cost optimization, billing and invoicing, and payment realization. We also offer accounting, audit, and taxation advisory services to help make informed business decisions.